Powerbone Silicate Additive Granule & Stick & Block
Powerbone Putty, Gel and Dental Putty
Powerbone Dental Barrier Membrane
Powerbone Flexible Strip
Powerbone Chondro Matrix
Titanium Pin Set
Fixation Screws

Powerbone Silicate Additive Granule & Stick & Block

Osteoconductive and Osteoinductive

Act as a scaffold and support bone tissue regeneration. Similar to the mineral found in bone tissue. Silicate additivity, provides bioactive characteristic to the graft by increasing the protein adhesion.


With its optimized porous structure and chemical composition, Powerbone is suitable for the continuous remodeling cycle of healthy bone. ß-TCP resorbs over time and be replaced with bone during the healing process.

Safe, Biocompatible and Sterile 

Powerbone is supplied sterile and CE marked as a Class III Medical Device according to Directive 93/42/EEC.Powerbone is tested using: Pre-clinical studies, Biocompatibility tests (in vitro and in vivo). Biomechanical tests, Biodegradation tests, Bioburden and Sterility tests.


Could be detected via CT and X-ray

The interconnectivity of porous structure and microporosity assist capillary motion of blood and body fluids, enhanced penetration for osteogenic cells, and ossification of the synthetic matrix. For Macroporosity, Powerbone Granules and Stick & Block allows deep invasion of bone cells into the matrix. Powerbone polygonal granules have different particle size between 0,25-7 mm.

The irregularly shaped granules promote interlocking and improve mechanical stability.

Powerbone Putty, Gel and Dental Putty

Powerbone / Bonegraft products are designed to repair bone defects caused by surgery or traumatic damage, increase bone growth in non-load-bearing clinical applications, or support the formation of new bone tissue. It can be mixed with bone marrow, blood and other clinically known bone grafts.

 These products are used in trauma, orthopedics, spine and maxillofacial surgery.

 Reasons to select Powerbone Dental Putty;

  •  Minimal invasive surgical protocol    
  • Easier and faster application
  • Ready to use
  • No mixing required
  • Enhance bone regeneration

Powerbone Dental Barrier Membrane

Specifically engineered for periodontal restorative surgeries and assists in the regeneration of bone and periodontal support tissues.

Fabricated from a biocompatible and bioresorbable medical grade poly (lactic acid) based synthetic polymer with a long history of safe medical use.

The Powerbone Barrier Membrane maintains its architecture and completely resorbed 15-20 weeks after implantation.

Advantages of Powerbone Dental Barrier Membrane;

Prevents fibrous tissue growth in bone zone

No risks of virus or disease transmission

No requirement for removing membranes due to complete bioresorbtion.


Application of Powerbone Dental Barrier Membrane

Exterior side of Powerbone Dental Barrier Membrane compose of non-porous poly (lactic acid) (PLA) based film to prevent epithelial cells and fibroblast migration.

Interior side of Powerbone Dental Barrier Membrane composes of porous poly (lactic acid) (PLA) based microfibers to enhance mesenchymal stem cells adhesion, proliferation and differentiation.

Three-layer construction of Powerbone Dental Barrier Membrane was constructed to provide healthy regeneration of bone and periodontal support tissues.


Powerbone Flexible Strip

Powerbone flexible strip is a bioresorbable synthetic bone graft that provides great hanling with high elasticity for specific cases including bone defects in the pelvis, extremities, and the posterolateral spine fusion.

Powerbone flexible strip is composed of silicate additive β-TCP and PLA based synthetic polymer. 

Instructıons of Implanting Powerbone Flexible Strip; 

Powerbone Flexible Strip can be applied directly or combination with bone marrow aspirate/blood to the surgical site.

Wetting Powerbone Flexible Strip increases flexibility.

Place Powerbone Flexible Strip into the surgical site just before the closure of the surgical area once all metallic implants are stable.

Powerbone Flexible Strip can be cut to fit into a cage

Powerbone Chondro Matrix

Bonegraft Chondro Matrix is a high-tech scaffold with a flexible and hydrophilic structure, treated with Sodium hyaluronate, sterile, absorbable matrix sponge-like nonwoven Polyglycolic acid (PGA).

Bonegraft Chondro Matrix;

■ Contains hyaluronic acid, which effectively supports cartilage formation,

 ■ Based on PGA and hyaluronic acid and does not contain collagen and animal tissue,

 ■ Suitable for the regeneration cycle of healthy cartilage,

 ■ Bioresorbable and support cartilage formation during the healing process,

 ■ No fragmentation or disintegration during cutting.

 ■ Interconnective porous structure enables the movement of blood and body fluids to increase penetration for cells.

Titanium Pin Set

The ergonomic design of the applicator provides easy removal of the pin and easy fixation of the membrane. The notch, which is about half the length of the pin, allows the pin to attach to the bone.

  • The application of particulate bone regeneration material from the barrier membrane to the local bone, as well as the covering of the augmentation zone by the barrier membrane, can be simplified significantly.
  • Using the one-piece applicator, the titanium pins can be easily taken from the dispenser and applied to the fixation area. No distortion can occur at the working end during machining.

Extremely comfortable grip ergonomics for easy use

  • Titan pin acquisition
  • Functional design

Safe and easy opening with one hand control

  • Suitable for absorbable and non-absorbable.


Fixation Screws

Screws are supplied sterile and are CE marked.
Class III Medical Device according to 93/42/EC
medical device directive. Biocompatibility tests (in vitro
and in vivo), biodegradation tests, bioburden, and stylerity were applied to the products.

  • Screws are used for temporary fixation of bone.
  • Patellar tendon bone and soft tissue grafts in the anterior
  • Cross ligament and posterior cruciate ligament
  • Reconstructions.



Granules  5-6months  b-tcp+silicate+zriconium (if it includes HA, more than 1 year for ha sides)
Membranes  8-12 weeks  Biodegredable polymer
Flex Strips  9months  Biodegredable polymer+ b-tcp
Dental Putty  5-6months  b-tcp+silicate+zriconium+HPMC POLYMER
Putty  5-6months  b-tcp+silicate+zriconium+HPMC POLYMER
Chondro Matrix  2months  Biodegredable polymer Pga+Hyalauronic acid
Granules of Hydroxyapatite  more than 1 year for ha sides  b-tcp 10% + ha90%
Perimplant Ring of 7mm height  9months  Biodegredable polymer+ b-tcp
Khoury hard plate  12months  Biodegredable polymer+ b-tcp

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